We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

This fundraising season was one of the best ever for Children of Shelters, and we have you to thank. The first 10 days of December marked our 10th Annual Holiday Dinner for over 300 children and family members living in shelter, our two biggest fundraisers, and a fantastic opportunity to partner with Wells Fargo and KFOG in this year’s Concert for Kids.

Many Board members will tell you that their favorite part of working for our nearly all-volunteer organization is the chance to provide kids from the Shelter with a magical day in the Presidio. For our annual Holiday party “with all the trimmings,” we set tables with linen and china, welcome Santa and his elves, and the room quickly fills with families, laughter and relaxation. We even provide bus service to and from the shelter – luxury coaches that make the day just a little more relaxing from start to finish. Many children tell us they wait all year for this party. We do too.

The Shelter Dinner was sandwiched in between our two biggest fundraisers: Jingle and Mingle, a designer wreath auction, and SantaFest, a holiday party for families. At these two events we raised over $230,000. The following Friday, we were the beneficiary of KFOG’s Concert for Kids, where we happily accepted a grant from Wells Fargo as well as a gift of all the proceeds of ticket sales from KFOG, grossing over $43,000. We’re eternally grateful to those of you that support our work. Read on to learn about some of our incredible programming and kids that these funds support!



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